So, What's MIST?

The Muslim Interscholastic Tournament of Atlanta (MIST) is a fun, educational, interactive program of competitions and workshops designed to bring Muslim and non-Muslim high school students together from around the nation.


Win it all


Connect with Others


Increase your Knowledge


Having a safe space for personal expression is a critical objective of MIST. Every individual has a unique voice. Through our competitions, we strive to validate and motivate our participants to be successful, compassionate human beings. With over two dozen competitions, participate in your favorites and take home the gold medals!

MIST provides participants with the opportunity to meet and network with diverse peers who share the same (or different!) talents and interests, as well as build relationships that can last a lifetime. We welcome everyone of any religion or no religion. Our topics and workshops are geared towards developing critical thinking skills while promoting a greater understanding of Islam and Muslims.


One of our objectives is to provide a platform to help our participants develop confidence and professionalism by practicing presentation, public speaking, and problem solving skills. Competitors present their projects in front of a panel of judges and an audience of other MIST participants. All participants have the opportunity to explore and discover unknown talents and hidden potential!

How does it work?

MIST holds annual tournaments that take place in over 16 regions across the country. MIST currently hosts over 35 different competitions within each annual regional tournament.

Competitions range in category from sports and team-based events such as debate and improv to individual centered events such as arts and writing. Competitors form teams and prepare for competitions weeks beforehand; they then showcase their hard work during an intense weekend-long competition.

The regional tournament winners qualify to complete at a second tournament representing MIST Atlanta on the international stage! Alongside competitions, students participate in workshops and team building activities before ending the weekend with an awards ceremony on the final night.