What can I do right now?

Get your team together and register now! Early registration fees are $50 when you register by January 22nd, but will then increase to $60 until the deadline on February 19th, so hurry and get your team registered. Registration runs from January 23th - February 19th. 

This year’s early submission deadlines are also February 26th so be sure to submit your early submissions on time to ensure everything is in order ahead of the Tournament. Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 

My school hardly has any Muslims in it, can I still make a team?

Of course! MIST is an educational tournament open to all high schoolers, regardless of faith. Also, your team can be as small as one person. Awards will be both individual-based as well team-based, so you still have a shot even if you are the sole person on your team.

Can I join another school’s team? I don’t have a team at my school.

Make your own team! The purpose of MIST is to motivate students to unite members of their community on the basis of increasing their knowledge and having fun together. Recruit members from your own high school or contact us to see if you can join a nearby team.

What about multi-high school teams? Is that allowed?

As of now, multi-high school teams are permitted only upon confirmation from MIST Atlanta. If your community has multiple high schools and would like to remain under one “team”, be sure to first email us here.

For registration and scoring purposes, teams will be entirely separate. For Basketball, MIST Atlanta can create conjoined teams if MIST Atlanta is aware of all the high schools involved.

In order to be labeled under the same team name, the name of every competitor, coach and guest from each participating high school needs to notify MIST Atlanta prior to the Tournament. However for scoring purposes, those points will be distributed the same to all the different high schools involved. 


If High School A, High School B, and High School C combined into a group named “Star Schools”, and a competitor from High School C won a competition, then the winner from this team would be presented as “Competitor name - High School C - Star Schools". If a competitor were to win a competition at MIST Regionals, then for all registration and competition purposes at MIST Nationals, only the high school’s name will be presented alongside the competitor.

Can I be in more than one competition?

Yes, as long as the competitions are in different categories. For example, if you want to do essay writing (Writing & Oratory - Category III), you can also do 3D Art (Arts - Category II). But you cannot do Photography (Arts) and 3D Art (Arts) because both of those are in the same category. So, even if you have a small team, it is possible to maximize the amount of competitions you’re in. One person can participate in up to six competitions (one for each category). Click to view more information about the Competitions and Rulebook!

Can I have non-Muslims on my team?

Yes, MIST accommodates for everyone. It’s a fantastic way for non-Muslims to interact and engage with the Muslim community and to learn more about Islam.

How old do I have to be to compete in MIST?

In order to compete in MIST, you must be a student in High School. Students who are thirteen (13) years of age by the first day of the tournament and who exhibit a strong sense of maturity and intellect may compete in MIST if they complete a one page essay explaining their reasoning behind wanting to compete in MIST.

The essay should be written in Microsoft Word or another word processing application and must be emailed to atlanta@getmistified.com no later than the early registration date. These students cannot join MIST as part of a 1 person team but must join an already created team.

Too old to compete? No worries! You are still eligible to coach, volunteer, judge, or join our 2018 Dream Team


Did that help? If not, get in touch with us!