For complete information about nationals, check out the national's website:


Your Handy MIST Nationals Checklist:


Step 1: If you're planning on attending MIST Nationals or even vaguely interested, please fill out MIST Atlanta Nationals Form. Please make sure all the individuals from your team that are attending fill this out:

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid ASAP (deadline's this Friday!). They'll cover your registration fee.

Step 3: Register on Adderpit as a Competitor/Guest/Coach. 

Step 4: Start preppin'! If you have early submissions, make sure you get those in, and keep practicing your craft- whether it's debate, MIST bowl, or 3D art. You got this!

Step 5: Rally your troops and start fundraising! Host a bake sale, a percentage night, and Eid party, a BBQ, or anything else that can lower the cost of you going to Nationals. Don't underestimate your network :)

MIST Nationals FAQ's:


1. When and where is Nationals this year?
MIST Nationals is July 28-30th at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

2. How will my team get there, and where will we stay?
MIST Atlanta will be providing a charter bus from Atlanta to Detroit. You are more than welcome to fly there, but we ask you let us know beforehand. The official MIST Nationals hotel is the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown Detroit, with maximum occupancy per room of four people. We will be staying there for two nights (Fridayand Saturday).
**Important: MIST Atlanta will be booking your rooms for you. Please do not go ahead and book them yourselves. You can let us know if you need a room or not on this form

3. How much will it cost?
Cost of early student/guest registration: $75 (hikes up to $80 after June 23)
Cost of hotel for 2 nights: $75
Cost of a seat on the charter bus: $140
Cost of 2 meals (see below for meal breakdown): $20
Total cost: $310

* Coaches pay $45 for registration

4. Is there financial aid available?
Absolutely! We know that Nationals is significantly more expensive than regionals, so students can apply for financial aid to cover their registration fees. Financial Aid is allocated from Nationals, not from MIST Atlanta, and is on a first-come-first-serve basisDeadline to apply is June 16th (THIS FRIDAY), so apply asap! (We suggest you apply even if you're still on the fence on whether you're coming or not). 
Apply here:

5. How do I register and make payments?
Use Adderpit to officially register for the tournament and pay your $75 registration fee. Direct link:
To pay for hotel + bus seat, use MIST Atlanta PayPal link: 


6. What are all the important deadlines?
Financial Aid Deadline: June 16
Early Registration Deadline ($75): June 23
Late Registration Deadline ($80): June 30
Waiver Forms Deadline: June 30
Early Submission Deadlines: July 2 + July 10

7. What does the schedule look like?
(7/27)Thursday evening: MIST ATL bus leaves
(7/28) Friday morning: MIST ATL bus arrives in Detroit
Friday 12pm: Registration begins + Jumu'ah prayer
Friday evening: Opening Ceremony + Nationals Basketball Tournament
(7/29) Saturday 8:30am - 7:00pm: Competitions + Workshops
Saturday 7pm - 11pm: Field trip
(7/30) Sunday 8:30am - 6:30pm: Competitions + Workshops + Awards
Sunday evening: MIST ATL bus leaves for Atlanta
(7/31) Monday morning: MIST ATL bus arrives into Atlanta

8. Will meals be provided?
MIST Atlanta will provide: Fri. Breakfast, Sun. Dinner, and a constant supply of snacks.
MIST Nationals will provide: Fri. Lunch, Fri. Dinner, and Sun. Lunch
Our hotel will provide: Breakfast for Saturday and Sunday morning
You will need to provide: Sat. Lunch and Sat. Dinner (total ~$20)

9. For all other questions, please use these handy resources:
Official MIST Nationals Website
MIST Nationals Competitor Travel Guide