You can start a MIST Team with at least one Competitor and one CoachGuests may also register to join your team.

  • Everyone on your team should be from the same high school (except Coaches and Guests who are not students).

  • For your team, you must also select a team member as Registration In-Charge (Registrar).

  • You must have at least one Coach for every ten members of your team who are 18 years old or younger (including Competitors and Guests).

  • There are no maximum limits as to how many Competitors, Coaches, or Guests you can have on one team.

  • Only one team per school is allowed.


The following rules apply to all students competing in MIST regionally and nationally.

Private/Public Schools

  1. Students must form/join the MIST team from their own high school. All students from a school must register together as one team.

  2. If the MSA as a whole chooses not to participate in the tournament, the few members who would like to join MIST can still represent their high school. It is not required to have an MSA in order to compete.

  3. If the high school does not have an MSA, try your best to form a MIST team open to students/faculty of any religion, gender, or national origin in your high school.

  4. If you are unable to form an MSA or student organization, you can:

  • Try convincing another cultural organization or even your high school to sponsor MIST as an official extracurricular activity. This may help to ensure that your absence is excused if your MIST-Regional is scheduled to start on a weekday.

8th Graders

Students who are in 8th grade and are at least 13 years old and do NOT hold a GED can compete in MIST once they email with an essay outlining why they believe they should be able to participate in MIST as an 8th grader.

All essays are due at the very latest 2 weeks before the late registration deadline, which means they are due by February 14th. Students must wait for approval from the MIST Team before they can register. 8th graders must join the high school team that they are districted to attend.

Home Schooled Students

Home-schooled students who are at least 13 years old and do not hold a GED can compete in MIST. If they are also in 8th grade, they must also email us the same essay that 8th graders are required to do so. Home-schooled students can join any high school team that they choose, but they must be able to provide proof of homeschooling during the weekend of MIST.

Spirit Teams

We allow small individual high schools to form larger Spirit Teams to empower them and help them feel more included when they walk into MIST. The idea is that if you band together multiple schools of a few people each, it builds a stronger presence together as a spirit team. We encourage you to chant together, dress uniformly, and try to walk out of the awards ceremony with as many spirit awards as you can. 

This year, we’re adding a new cap to how big your spirit team can be. A Spirit Team cannot be greater than 30 competitors. There’s no limit to how big an individual high school team can be but if multiple high schools are coming together to form a spirit team, that spirit team cannot be larger than 30 competitors. So if you are part of a high school with 25 competitors, you can NOT join another high school with 10 competitors to form a spirit team.

All of the high schools in a spirit team must register separately, but their team name on Adderpit when they register should be “Spirit Team Name – High School Name”. For example, if the Spirit Team name is “Winners” and the High School Name is “Lakewood High School” their Team Name on Adderpit should be “Winners – Lakewood High”. One advantage of a spirit team is that competitors that are part of the same spirit team can participate in basketball and soccer together. This exception is only made for sports, and every other group or bracket competition must be done with each high school separately.