Y’all ready for some ball? This year’s basketball tournament will be held on Friday, March 25th. Check-in begins at 10:00 AM for both sisters and brothers at their respective venues listed below, and all competitors must check-in with their coaches. If you need an excused absence, please have your coach fill out the following form to give to your high school:http://bit.ly/24BEPFP

Jummah will take place at the Brother's Venue at 1:45 PM - 2:30 PM. Sisters are welcome to join, and if anyone would like to attend the local masajid, they are more than welcome to visit any of the following in the area: Roswell Community Masjid - RCMHamzah Islamic Center, and theICNF.

So make sure to bring your current school ID (or proof of attendance) and A-game for MIST Atlanta’s 2016 Basketball Tournament!

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