MIST 101

Getting a Gist of All Things MIST

This handy presentation provides an overview of all things MIST and can be used to share with prospective competitors. The presentation touches on:

  • What is MIST?

  • How does it work?

  • Why should you join MIST?

  • What does it cost to register?

  • How do you recruit team members?

  • When and where is MIST?

  • How do you join?


A Thrive Guide to MIST

Raising money for MIST isn’t always an easy task, but the advice and tips from this fundraising presentation will help you hit the ground running.

  • Why do you need to fundraise?

  • How much does MIST cost?

  • What goal should you be setting?

  • What are some tips for potential fundraising ideas?

  • How can you raise money for MIST cost-effectively?


Becoming a Registration Wizard

With the MIST registration process online, you can register through our Adderpit system, and seamlessly go through the process with the help of our YouTube playlist.

  • What’s your role?

  • What’s a spirit team?

  • What does team registrar registration look like?

  • What does coaches registration look like?

  • What does competitor registration look like?

  • What does guest registration look like?