University of Georgia, March 22-24



Early Registration Competitor Fee: $55

Late Registration Competitor Fee: $65

Coaches Fee: $25

Guest Fee: $25 weekend pass or $10 day pass


Registration Opens: January 11

Early Registration Deadline: February 8

Late Registration Deadline: February 28

*By registering, you agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of MIST Atlanta and for any photographs/videos of you at mist events to be used in promotional materials.



Who can compete in MIST?
Anyone in high school can compete in MIST!

Can I sign up with any high school I want?
No, you must register with your own high school. We do require proof of enrollment when checking in to the tournament.

What if I’m in eighth grade?
We allow for 8th graders to compete if they email MIST Atlanta an essay on why they should be allowed to start competing this year. Please note that you must be 13 years old by the first day of the tournament to compete.

Who do I contact to get an invitation to join the team?
Contact your team’s registrar in order to receive an invitation to join your school’s MIST team. If you do not have the contact information for your team’s registrar, please contact MIST Atlanta.

I’ve received an invitation email to join a team. What do I do now?
Follow the link that is a part of the invitation email you have received. This will take your to the Adderpit system, which is the portal MIST Atlanta uses for registration. For step-by-step instructions on how to move forward after receiving an invitation, see this video.

What’s a school code and who can I contact to get it?
The school code is a password of sorts that ensures only people attending your high school join that specific MIST team. It enables you to create an account on the Adderpit system. Your team’s registrar should have the school code. If they do not, ask them to contact MIST Atlanta so that we can give them the code.

How many competitions can I sign up for? Can I only compete in a sport?
Competitors can not only compete in a sport, and must be registered for at least one other competition for their registration to be finalized. Students can sign up for one competition per category, for a maximum of six competitions.  

What if I can’t afford to pay the fees on the online registration portal?
MIST Atlanta offers partial and full registration fee scholarships to eligible students every year, both during the Early and Late Registration periods. Be on the lookout for the scholarship application, which is available here.

What do I do after I register online? Is there anything I need to bring with me to MIST?
After online registration, the next step for competitors is to focus on preparing their Early Submissions if needed for their competitions. When students come to MIST during tournament weekend, they need to bring a few things with them: proof of age, proof of enrollment, and their Student Signature Sheets. For a detailed flow chart showing what you will need to bring personally to MIST weekend, see this link.

What are Student Signature Sheets?
The Student Signature Sheet acts as a permission form allowing you to compete in MIST Atlanta. You must get these signed by both your coach and your parents. The Student Signature Sheet can be found here.

How does the on-site check-in process work?
On the first day of tournament weekend, students will check-in to the tournament and provide their proof of age, proof of enrollment, and Student Signature Sheets. Once they check in, they will be provided with their name badge for the tournament, and can proceed to competitions and orientation. Students must check-in in person in order to participate in tournament weekend.



Who can be the registrar for a team? How do I get started?
From amongst your team’s competitors, coaches, and guests, one responsible individual must be selected to serve as a representative and liaison between your team and MIST. This responsible individual is called a Registration In-Charge, or a Registrar for short. He/she is the contact person for MIST if there are any problems with your team’s registration. When you join your school’s MIST team for any year’s tournament, you will be asked if you want to be a registrar and can note that there.

What requirements do I have to meet for my team’s registration to be finalized?
All competitors on your team must be at least 13 years old by the first day of the tournament, and under 19 years old. Similarly, all coaches on your team must be at least 21 years of age by the first day of the tournament. Ensure that all competitors are registered for the correct competitions, and are not only participating in sports. Finally, all students on your team must attend your high school and all competitors and affiliated guests must have paid their fees online. Once these criteria are met, you must submit a request to your team’s coaches for them to finalize your team through the Adderpit system. After they approve the request, registration for your team is now finalized!

How do I obtain the school code for my team?
Email us at, and we can provide your school code. Students using the Adderpit portal for the first time will need the code to create their accounts. Please note that this code should not be shared with anyone outside your school.

What responsibilities do I have as Registrar after online registration is finalized and submitted?
Soon after registration is completed, the team registrar will receive a list of MIST IDs for students. These ID numbers are used to ensure fair judging during competitions, and should be given out to students to use when submitting their Early Submissions. Another thing that the registrar should ensure is that everyone on their team has their Student Signature Sheets and their proof of age and enrollment ready for tournament weekend. A flow chart showing what counts as proof of age and enrollment can be found here.

How do I add students from different schools under one email account in Adderpit?
Coaches can create multiple Adderpit accounts (with different school codes) while using the same email address. All you have to do on Adderpit is add +1 +2 +3, etc.

For example, can be used for school A and can be used for school B, but all the Adderpit emails will go to the original inbox.

What do I do if a student from the wrong high school joins my team?
If a student on your team is registered with a high school that they do not attend, they will be disqualified. Please email MIST Atlanta ( if you know someone is on the wrong team, and we can help switch them to their correct high school team. We will be checking this at on-site check-in during tournament weekend.

What is the Pre-Checkin system? How do I use it?
In order to ease on-site check-in for teams, registrars and coaches have the option to have their team participate in the Pre-Checkin option. With our new Pre-Checkin system, students will only have to present their School ID during the weekend and will not be checked for their Student Signature Sheets. This will speed up the registration process for your team. The Student Signature Sheets are uploaded online here, and so they are checked off before students show up at on-site check-in.



If my team is small, can I join with another small team?
Yes you can! We allow for teams of 15 or less students to form coalitions so that they can compete together. A coalition can be no larger than 30 students.

How do I advertise and grow my MIST team?
The MIST Atlanta team understands that advertising and growing a team is hard, and so we have created a toolkit that students can use to aid them in the process. The toolkit is located here.  

How does a coalition team work?
Coalition teams are formed by multiple smaller teams coming together to form a single larger team. Each student is still registered by their high school and will compete as part of their high school but this allows for students to form larger group to compete for spirit points.

If my team is a part of a coalition, does that mean we can register for group competitions or brackets together?
Unfortunately, you may only register for group competitions with other members from your high school. The exception for this is for sports competitions, and that is only if a high school does not have enough students to form a full team.

Is there a cap to how large a coalition team can get?
This year we are capping coalition teams at 30 students.

Doesn’t registering as an individual high school as opposed to a larger, multi-school team or youth group lower our chances of winning?
It actually allows you to have more students competing in a competition as each high school can have two people compete in each competition, so a coalition can have 2 people from each of their high schools compete.