To compete at MIST, you must create a team.

Private/Public Schools

  1. Whether or not a high school currently has an Muslim Student Association(MSA), the students must form/join the MIST team from their own high school. All students from a school must register together as one team.

  2. If the MSA as a whole chooses not to participate in the tournament, the few members who would like to join MIST can still represent their high school.

  3. If the high school does not have an MSA, try your best to form an Islamic educational organization open to students/faculty of any religion, gender, or national origin in your high school. If you do not have one already, refer to How to form an MSA. Having an organization or MSA will make it easier to keep registration organized.

Home Schooled Students

Qualifications to join MIST are based on your age and your school grade. If you are homeschooled, you can join MIST as long as you do not have your high school diploma or GED and/or you are 19 years of age or younger by the first day of the tournament. For example, if you are home schooled and are taking college level classes to fulfill your graduation requirements or to take the GED, you can join MIST.

Students Not Enrolled in High School

Students who are 13 years of age by the first day of the tournament AND exhibit a strong sense of maturity and intellect may compete in MIST if they complete a one page essay describing why they want to compete. The essay must be emailed to no later than registration deadline.

Your team must have:

  • At least one competitor.

  • A coach that is at least 21 years of age.

  • A Registrar who will take care of your team's registration. Can be either a competitor or coach.


This is an individual 21 years of age or more that will help prepare the team’s submissions and serve as the chaperon during the Tournament. You can have as many coaches as you'd like.


Team Registrars are responsible for taking care of their team’s registration. In order to begin the online registration process, the team needs to be added into our system, and it's the ambassador's task to ensure their entire team has registered properly. 


Invite your friends and family to come watch you compete and to enjoy the weekend! There are so many activities to do at MIST. Join your friends in watching hilarious improvs, listen to nasheeds by talented singers, or see some incredibly good public speaking and debates. Guests are served food, which is included in their registration fee, and have full access to MIST, but as a non-competitor.